Hi! I am Anubhooti.

I am a PhD Scholar @IIT Jodhpur working in the IAB Lab under Dr. Mayank Vatsa and Dr. Richa Singh. My research areas include Computer Vision, Dependable AI, Bias, and Fairness. In addition, I am also a reader and writer.

def about_me():
  name = 'anubhooti jain'
  work = 'phd scholar'
  institute = 'iit jodhpur'
  research = 'dependable ai'
  aboutMe = [name, work, institute, research]
  return aboutMe

Academice Timeline

M.Tech – PhD (2020 – Ongoing) | IIT Jodhpur | 8.47/10

  • Best Poster for Dependable and Responsible AI at IITJ Industry Day – February 2023
  • Completed State-of-the-Art Seminar – January 2023
  • Completed Comprehensive Exams – December 2023

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (2015 – 2019) | ADGITM, GGSIPU | 8.78/10

  • Served as the Editor and Designer for Qubit, the departmental magazine @ADGITM
  • Served as the Head of the Cultural Society, Awaaz @ADGITM
  • Actively participated and organized MUNs